by Mike Perry

Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing

Mike Perry’s third book, in a spectacular must-have, series has just became available to order. Pulled is filled with art created by a process that is near-and-dear to my heart: silkscreen. I can smell the ink now, hear the sound of pulling a squeegie across a tight screen. Silkscreen can get messy (I remember riding the train home from Lower Eastside Printshop realizing I had a big blotch of ink smeared on my forehead-whoops!) yet the results are clean, flat, crisp, vivid colors. I am such a fan of silkscreen prints because I know the work that can go into them. Each color requires a separate screen, each piece requires manual labor that can cause shoulder cramps the next day. So flipping through this book, I can imagine how much sweat went into all of these. There are only silkscreens on paper in this book and they are almost always poster-sized. Most of the art is photographed, hanging from clips, which I think was a smart idea. Not only does this show the scale of the piece, but you also see the placement of the design and get a sense of the paper. They’re are tons of familiar talents in here from Steve Harrington to Jim Stoten but I can’t help but pick a favorite: Andrew Holder’s silkscreens are completely gorgeous (see the home page image). I can’t stop looking at them. You’ll probably have more than few favorites as everything in the book is drool-worthy, a great curated set. Pick up a copy here.


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