by Sonnenzimmer

Warp and Weft: Poster Construction

The first time I heard of Sonnenzimmer was when I was in Chicago visiting Jenny and Matt and we went out for a fancy brunch. Hanging above our table were the most beautiful band posters I had ever seen. Overlapping textured silkscreen shapes, floating typography and faded imagery came together in a perfect pieces of artwork that hanging side by side created their own bigger image. (The poster series was for In Sound and you can see them here) Later I did my research and found out more about the Chicago-duo Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi who run a studio that creates hand-crafted design work for a variety of clients. warpweft_3warpweft_1warpweft_2

Last year when Sonnenzimmer announced a Kickstarter project to create a book of their poster work, I was one of the first to jump on board. The book, designed by Alex Fuller is almost split in half. The front half describes a different project on every page, and explains it in three ways: (Project Information) general information on what the project entailed and the goals to achieve, (Connection) their influences and inspirations and lastly (Composition) their thoughts about the materials they used and their ideas about the arrangement of the elements in the design. It’s a very thorough and thoughtful look into their process. The back half of the book is full color plates of all of the posters.




You can still purchase a copy of this signed and numbered edition of 600 right here. You can also purchase their posters! I have a few in my collection.