MoCCA Art Festival 2008-

So I think this year’s MoCCA Art Festival was the best yet (if only they can get some darn air conditioning for the second floor it would have been perfect.) It was a very star studded event- I stopped breathing for a few seconds as I looked up from the PictureBox table and came face to face with Michel Gondry- who is definitely as cute in person. His son, a spitting image of him, was standing next to him. They both were signing comics they made published by PictureBox. Then if meeting Michel wasn’t enough, I also had a nice little conversation with Gary Panter, whose brand new enormous book I had just ordered. So many artists I’ve featured on this blog were there promoting their work- Lynda Barry, Adrian Tomine, Austin English, Tom Neely, Jillian Tamaki. I took a bunch of pictures and went back to the bank for a second time for more cash. I think I bought enough books for two months of posts! Here’s some highlights from the show–

Every year it’s held at the famous Puck building in NYC.

left- Some Brooklyn artists had some colorful great stuff, right- Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki signed their new book together Skim, which I purchased and will share soon.

left- Jason signing at the Fantagraphics table, right- Lynda Barry had a huge line of fans waiting to meet her.

left- Michel Gondry and his son and Lauren Weinstein at the PictureBox table, right- some comic artist’s Alec Longstreth’s very organized homemade shelving display.

left- Tom Neely, right Gary Panter

left- Austin English, right- a group of Baltimore artists who had some really unique stuff.

left- Adrian Tomine, right- the Top Shelf section.


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