MoCCA Art Festival 2009

MoCCA was really great this year. It took place in a different building this time, the 69th Regiment Armory. It was one enormous room full of rows of tables. Having everything in one room made it a little easier to navigate and there was a lot more breathing room. Without windows though, I did miss some natural light. I was happy to see all the regular favorite tables plus met a bunch of new faces. Didn’t seem like the economy is slowing any comic people down. If anything there seemed to be more independent publishers and artists sharing their goods. Here’s some images from around the show. More about the books you see in the images coming this week and next!

left, the beautiful facade of the armory, right, some of the PictureBox table


left, Fantagraphics table, right, adorable stuff from Anna Raff

left, so happy to finally meet Jessica and Tom from Drawn & Quarterly in person! right, cartoonist Seth signing his new book


left, Tom Gauld drawing a really nice little picture in my book, right, Emelie Östergren came all the way from Sweden to sign her new book which is actually one of my favorites I bought that day.


left, Nickelodeon magazine folded last week RIP. My friend Caitlin, who was a designer for them got laid off. So I made her get this comic for $1 so she’ll know exactly what to do now. right, some super cool clocks and little books from John Kerschenbaum


left, some of the Bries table, right, Nora Krug’s signing her new series.


left, Tom Neely- I think we have the same picture of him from last year, right, Icecreamlandia- loved their beautiful crocheted sign!


left, Had a nice time talking to Romanian artist Matei Branea, right, also a good conversation about self publishing with Joshua Ray Stephens.



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