by Emiliano Ponzi


Apologies for the lag in posts. I have some time to start sharing again so here goes…

I often think illustration doesn’t get the credit it deserves. People don’t appreciate it as “art” because it is often commercial and for clients and is a sellout. But I don’t feel like that ever makes it feel less poignant, creative, or even genius. If anything, making good illustration work is more impressive than just making good art because there are so many more restrictions. If you can make illustrations that speaks to people emotionally as well as fulfilling all these specifics, than I think it’s even more commendable. I recently got this book from Italian illustrator Emiliano Ponzi who was one of the artists in our Exquisite Book. The book is a collection of his work paired with quotes taken from emails he received from clients of all kinds. It’s rare for an illustrator to get to publish a monograph, which seems crazy. Looking through this book, I would never question that Emiliano is making art. Emiliano’s pieces are packed with gorgeous metaphors and great storytelling. You don’t need to know what the assignment was about, the illustrations stand alone and are incredibly intriguing, often subtle and remarkably beautiful. The color palettes feel nostalgic but his style is still modern. The themes cover a huge range of topics and the characters reveal so much even without all their features. I am in awe of Emiliano’s work and hope other illustrators can continue to achieve and be recognized for the breadth of amazing work they create, as he has. You can get this book right here.


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