by Wooster Collective

All my Friends are made of paper

This limited edition book from Wooster Collective’s “Wooster on Paper” series is a collection of the Denmark street artist Armsrock’s work. Like Swoon, who chose Armsrock as her favorite artist of the year, Armsrock makes large paper figures and installs them on the streets. Each one interacts with the space it is placed in- an alley, a brick wall, near a window and has a quickly decaying life. This book has some great photos of these paper installations plus chalk drawings he’s done mostly on sidewalks. The chalk drawings are impressive as well, drawn at life-size scale, they are often of people laying on the ground curled into the fetal position and definitely bring my thoughts to homelessness. The book also has many of his sketches, essays by him and Swoon and pictures of his studio. You can learn more about this book here and Wooster Collective here -which is where I go to keep up with the latest amazing street art.



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