by Maira Kalman

And the Pursuit of Happiness

How could I not post this book, regardless of whether you all already have seen it, already own it, or the fact that it will probably the most popular art book this year? Maira is my favorite. I love her style, her voice and how much I can relate to her. While I was in SF a few months ago I caught her exhibit at the Jewish Museum. What struck me the most was how messy her paintings are in person. Printed on the page they feel more perfect and intentional. In real life, bigger, her strokes look spontaneous, they can get blotchy and thick. The lines felt loose. It was exciting to see that. The exhibition had spreads from this book displayed, and I keep up with her blog on the NYTimes, so I knew what to expect from this book. It’s Maira’s investigation into democracy. Inspired by Obama’s inauguration day, she travels around the US remarking on the history of our nation, and falls in love with Lincoln along the way. With paintings and photos and handwritten words just like The Principles of Uncertainty, it seems like she’s creating system to her work. I am expecting many more books like these in the future- I wonder if it will ever get old… so far it hasn’t. Get a copy here.


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