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After recently writing about Travis Millard, Jacob Covey of Fantagraphics wrote me to see if I’d seen this catalogue. Travis is a contributor to it and his drawings are also on the cover. Jacob designed the book-which he happened to do an amazing job on (he’s also the guy behind the very popular Beasts! book Ray posted about a while back-Vol.2 is in the making.) This book was made to accompany a UK exhibition tour which “explores the reciprocal relationship between comics and art, foregrounding links between the two genres where current social and political issues are aimed in frank visual narratives.” So the book has work from both comic artists and contemporary artists who use the comic language in their art. This book has quite a great line-up of artists-a lot of my favorites- Laylah Ali, Daniel Clowes, R.Crumb, Julie Doucet, Marcel Dzama, Raymond Pettibon and David Shrigley to name a few. It made me realize most of the contemporary art I like are artists who could almost classify as comic artists. Besides a few big pictures of each artist’s work and a bio, there is a section in the back of the book with the answers each artist gave to a 6 question questionnaire about their work. It’s the actual answer sheets with the artist’s handwriting which is fun to see. One of the questions is- How do you define the line between a cartoonist and an artist? I like Debbie Drechsler’s simple answer “I don’t.” David Shrigley’s answer- “It’s a very thin dotted line like this:” and then he drew a dotted line. Pick up a copy of this book here.


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