by Adilia Lopes, Markus Färber

Die Katastrophen von Sofias Puppe

This is a little 12-page-booklet based on a portuguese poem by Adilia Lopes. Markus Färber, who did an exchange semester in Lisbon is re-narrating the poem with very powerful ink drawings which reminds me of linocuts. No wonder he’s also using a lot of original printing techniques in his artwork. (see more here) The story is about a wax doll that Sofia got from her father from paris: dressed up in a crinoline and little patent shoes. While going through the whole procedure of puppetcare the puppet obviously suffers damage: it darkens, bleaches, loses its hair, arm and legs. Finally its head breaks in thousand pieces. But the puppet, as ugly as a goat, gets a happy funeral in the end.

Markus is not only a good friend of mine but also an artist I admire for his work. He also published a really nice story in the “213 Magazin“, a zine made by some students from ATAKs illustration class.

Snce today I’m presenting my friends work to you, I also want to write something about the publisher of “Die Katastrophen von Sofias Puppe” which is Rotopolpress. Rotopolpress was founded in 2007 by the illustrators Rita Fürstenau, Lisa Röper and Michael Meier. They are offering a plattform to freelancers of the applied arts for realizing, publishing and selling their own projects and presenting them to an interested audience. Which I think is a great thing to do. Check out their homepage here.


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