by Serge Onnen

Drawings on Geology

The sticker that came on the plastic wrap for this book boasts 1% text 99% drawing. The book is based around the idea of the horizon line and how it can get obscured in different ways by artists. From different angles and interpretations this collection of interesting landscape drawings are fun to flip through. The book is all black and white and has a real variety of artists from classics like Da Vinci to contemporaries like David Shrigley. Some drawings are full on fancy renderings, others are charts, and well you know how Shrigley draws- some are just two words and a few scribbles. The artists drawings aren’t labeled so I keep flipping back and forth through the book playing my own guessing game as to who’s drawing goes to what artist. If you are poor and can’t afford the inexpensive price of $15 you can go to J and L books and print out your own version of this book. How fun! (I got mine from Rare Device.)



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