by Jane Kallir

Egon Schiele: Drawings and Watercolors

I’ve been looking for the perfect Egon Schiele book for a long time. I remember first getting introduced to Egon’s work when I got to art school- it was love at first sight. I would often visit Egon’s work in books sitting on the floor between the aisles of the oversize section in the school library. I didn’t have much money in college so instead of a book of his work I bought a postcard book which I loved and treated like a book. His work really was a big influence on me. I used to make copies of his line drawings, trying to capture the unique way he elonged the figures in his portraits. I’ve always looked for the best replacement for my postcard book but no book had enough variety of work in it until I found this one. It’s small but really thick and has page after page of drawings and watercolor paintings- a lot of which I hadn’t ever seen before. There’s over 350 color reproducions from every year of his life- a real extensive collection. You can get a copy of this book here.



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