by Mark Dion, Jorge Colombo, Ethan Hauser, Kenneth Helphand, Bryan McGovern Wilson, Garret Miller, and Naomi Reis

A Field Guide and Handbook to the High Line

Field Guide to the High Line

It’s not surprising that Printed Matter has published a handbook to the best known attraction in their neighborhood. Everyone’s favorite public space in Chelsea is examined here with a full range of approaches. Thoughts, Musings, Observations, Case Studies and Histories, (Alternative, Conventional, and Otherwise) is how this field guide describes itself on the cover of this appropriately pocket-sized, well-designed paper edition.

Field Guide to the High Line

Included are a Concise Guide to the Wildlife of the High Line; some of the Botanical Highlights; a List of Rules and Regulations (don’t bring more than 20 of your friends along); a Timeline; an Inventory of the High Line’s Lost & Found; and a great essay by Kenneth Helphand on the history of raised walkways in the urban environment.

Field Guide to the High Line

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This book hits all of my favorite things; good design, historical facts, biological information, excellent illustrations,  and a healthy dose of humor.  I learned something and enjoyed the process.

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You can get your very own copy for the reasonable price of $13 directly from Printed Matter here. 

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