by Travis Millard

Hey Fudge

I was so excited to get an email from Mel Kadel after she saw her book on the blog. I was even more excited when she mentioned she would be sending me a book of her boyfriend Travis Millard’s -aka Fudge’s- work. Hey Fudge is the first collection of his art and comics published by Narrow Books. (I like that in Narrow Books description it says “On the phone no one can tell we operate from our living room.” Sounds familiar.) This book is really outrageous with comics like Michael Jackson in Exile or drawings of Right Wing Conservatives Getting Racked. I especially like Class Picture Day at the School for Hairy Faced Children where a bunch of big heads totally covered in noodle-like hair, with only eyes popping through, sit with folded hands. And I love his more scientific drawings- Magnified Detail of a Germ Living in my Eyebrow, Tip of Ant Tooth, Magnified Detail of my Mustache. Cross Section of Los Angelos Air Out My Kitchen Window shows small drawings of all of the air’s components from taco truck grease to hair spray to various dog’s hair. The book also includes some sketchs and drawings he did on random scraps of papers as well as photos of exhibitions, where he painted his characters all over the walls surrounding his smaller framed pieces. It’s pretty impressive to see them at that scale. Travis has a great site where you can see more of his work. He also self-publishes comics and zines of his work (and a few other artists work) at Fudge Factory Comics. You can purchase them here. You can pick up a copy of Hey Fudge at his site too here or at Narrow Books site here. You can also read an interview with Travis here. Thanks Mel and Travis for sharing! I hope we’ll be seeing more of you both here real soon.



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