by Margaret Kilgallen

In the Sweet Bye & Bye

My friend Kathleen at cake+pie recently wrote about it this book and I was reminded of how good it is once again. Margaret’s work brings to mind hand-painted signs, surfing and folk art. She’s one of the artists that was key to the movement they call “Mission School” which also included her husband, artist Barry McGee. What really impresses me is how Margaret displayed all her works. She would paint figures floor to ceiling and enormous lettering, but then have a cluster of small paintings fitting right next to it that was just as exciting. Her work looks the best in groupings, all of the paintings pushed up against each other created it’s own new collaged composition. These installations-actually painted on the gallery walls- were there for only that show. She really transformed the spaces- did a lot of work to do it- and then took it all down when the show was over. Tragically, Margaret died in 2001 of complications from breast cancer. Her work continues to be popular and this book is now in it’s second edition-(first edition has a pink cover, second has a tanish cover.) The book is really quite nice in itself- a fabric cover, the cutest endpages-a pattern of shoes, and pages and pages of photos of Margaret’s work along with an interview with her from Art:21 and a couple other essays. It’s a good size, like a smaller textbook. You can learn more about Margaret here and pick up a copy of this book here.



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