by Nigel Peake

In The Wilds

I can’t say enough good things about Nigel Peake. His work is truly amazing and after meeting him last year, it only makes me appreciate his work more. So I am thrilled to hold in my hands the biggest collection of his intricate drawings yet. Inspired by natural surroundings, Nigel depicts fields, hills, barns, wood piles, leaves, birds and more, all in tiny ink lines and beautiful watercolor. His pieces feel calm and meditative. I really like what Nigel says in his introduction “I used to help out in my neighbor’s gardens. My favorite part of this was cutting the grass with a handmower–especially if it was long and over-grown, thick and entangled with thistles and daisies. It was during these moments that I could have that wonderful experience of creating a path where none existed before. Back and forth at a slow pace, the mower and I pushed the grass one direction and then another, filling the field with stripes. When necessary, I would cut back the hedges and trees. the closer I got to the objects, the more I would see their hidden structures and textures–to inspect the twists, twirls, and eruptions involved in a bud on a branch.” I think Nigel’s drawings capture that feeling exactly. This book is a neat little package, a thick, small hardcover. And while I love small books as objects themselves, I can’t help but hope Nigel’s next book will be a really large format so we can get even more lost in his work. Get a copy of the book right here.


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