by John Cueno


CAUTION: These images may not be suitable in certain environments.

John Cueno is a dirty, dirty man. In his world, woman are always naked and often sitting on the faces of small men, pubic hair is getting knitted or pulled or shaved, nipples are getting flossed, lots of  people are piled in orgies, lots of private parts are getting pinched, bitten and snipped, and very surprising things are coming out of butts.



I met John last year at ICON where he spoke about his work as nervously fast as I’ve ever heard someone speak, and I instantly feel in love with his quirky charm. The next time I saw him he had won another award at Society of Illustrators and was giving a speech in which he thanked his “current wife.”



You can find his brilliant, less dirty illustration work, regularly in The New Yorker among many other top magazines. But this book is all scandalous reproductions from his sketchbooks. I am in awe of the courage he has of being able to share these with the world.





One of my favorites in the book features a naked robust woman squatting on a desk in front of a man. He is holding the paper, while she is drawing using the pencil in her vagina. The drawing is titled “The Golden Age of Illustration.” In another, a man holding a palette is painting vaginas on naked women waiting in a line. The title is “Why I went to Art School.”



It scares me how much I like these drawings. You can get a copy here.

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