by Uppercase Gallery

Old School

To accompany the current show Old School at Uppercase gallery (the artwork is up now on the website to purchase), they made a beautiful book. I am really impressed by this small but thick, full-color gorgeously printed book. It comes with a tiny pencil with the show title printed on it and a matching pink eraser also with the show’s logo. And the book has a cute printed rubber band around it too that holds all these items together. The artwork is all different mediums: paintings, collages, photographs, even three dimensional work by artists from around the world all centered on school days. I think everyone enjoys and can relate to this theme no matter where they grew up. I have two small drawings I contributed drawn on my own genuine 2nd grade notebook pages. It makes me laugh to look through my old composition notebooks. And I really liked seeing what everyone else made including some of my favorite artists who contributed- Lisa Congdon, Ray Fenwick, Darren Booth, Abbey Hendrickson, Frank Chimero and Something’s Hiding in Here. I do have to say my favorite page is the work of Judy Lee and Shawn Liu who have reconstructed a school lunch out of paper- (see image below) You can get this book right here and purchase artwork from the show here.


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