by Asuka Ohsawa

Pie: A Story & Recipe, Vol. 1


PieThis zine hits all of the buttons. Printed letterpress in a limited edition of 30 from carved lino blocks and handset metal type, Pie: A Story & Recipe delivers exactly what the title promises. The history of pie, a quote from Harriet Beecher Stowe, and a recipe for apple pie, framed by delicious relief prints. And hopefully there are more volumes to come! She says “I am hoping to turn this pie zine project into a collaborative effort in the near future, inviting my fellow artists and pie-bakers to submit their illustrations, pie stories and/or recipes.”





Asuka Ohsawa is a visual artist working in drawing, painting and print on paper. Her list of loves includes “bunnies, garden gnomes, unicorns, books, bicycles, knee-high striped socks, acrobats, Masterpiece Theater, Pee-Wee Herman, Gumby, and Bettie Page.” She also makes a mean pie. You can see more of her amazing work on her website here. And you can pick up a copy of her pie zine from her directly by contacting her through her site.  The Pie Zine is $15 plus $2 for shipping.