by Henrik Drescher

Postal Seance

The sub-title for this book is “A Scientific Investigation into the Possibility of a Postlife Postal Existence.” Henrik Drescher made 52 incredible painted letters and postcards which he sent out to famous dead people. He addressed them to where he thought they should go- John Lennon and George Harrison’s to Strawberry Fields, Johannes Gutenberg’s to Copy Room, Cloud 9. If the letters didn’t come back to him, they were pressumed delivered- contact with the dead made. If they were returned(with tons of stamps and stickers from confused mailrooms) the séance had failed. The book documents the journey and comes with a set of Henrik’s sticker stamps and a big foldout map of his ideas on “the course of mail from here to eternity.” I applaud Chronicle on this book for it’s unique design (the letters all fold like envelopes too) and for making his beautiful books available to everyone. (They published Turbulence as well which I will save for another day.) All the projects Henrik has or is working on, like his newest-Babblelab, you can find on his site. You can also see pictures of all his limited edition books and sketchbooks or buy original works and giclee prints. I bought a print of his Henry Miller letter from the book. It came signed and stamped and I love it to death.



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