by Jenni Rope

Round Letters

I could have spent my last forty dollars at MoCCA on a whole piles of stuff but I decided in the end I needed this book. It’s writing and art by Jenni Rope, who has immediately become one of my new favorites. The art in this book is her “tape works”- tape and acetate on acrylic glass. Each piece is two layers of acetate with some elements on the top sheet and some on the bottom. I like flipping the pages and seeing the sheets seperately then together then both flipped so they cover the text- so many combinations. I love how the tape looks on each image individually- hard sharp transparent chunks that overlap to make such organic shapes. Some of the tape has subtle texture, or stripes- some has wood grain texture. The colors are all bright and she made gorgeous combinations. I like the prose writing a lot too about small moments noticed or thoughts on random things translated from Finnish– here’s a little snippet–

Reading a newspaper has been difficult lately. The coffee pot is leaving stains and blotches on the paper. Brown spills on the economy pages and the TV guide. The blotches form into new images that one should also be able to read. If I don’t read them now, later on in the evening they will be faded out. And tomorrow they’ll be nothing more than yesterday’s blotches.

I put the paper away in a corner and myself screwed into a ball on the floor. My skin is a bit tight but won’t tear and I can stay inside. I can see you too are secretly curling up behind my back. I think we should teach ourselves again to do a somersault, forwards and backwards together. We’d pile up newspapers nicely on the floor and start stretching.

Check out Jenni’s website, it seems between her artwork and illustrations she can do no wrong- and there’s some genius mixed in too. Pick up a copy of this book here.



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