Secret Behavior


Secret Behavior is a contemporary art magazine focused on sexuality and intimacy, and is the first venture into publishing by artist and curator James Gallagher. The stories and artwork contained in the issue are personal and quietly revealing. You won’t find any Penthouse-style advice columns and the magazine is definitely not pornographic. What you will find is an honest look at physical and emotional intimacy from the point of view of contributing artists and writers.

Each issue of Secret Behavior will have a theme- the first being Anonymity. (Gallagher mentions a few upcoming themes, and gives more background on the magazine’s creation in this interview with The Lab Magazine.) Issue 1 opens with surreal collages and line drawings that convey the focus of the magazine- “human beings and contemporary art.”


The issue brings together word and image in a way that is similar to collage. Scenes from Max Ernst’s book Une Semaine de Bonté  are first accompanied by a personal story and then with background on the book itself, both written by Keith Newton.  Mike Perry and Josh Cochran’s nudes are paired with an honest account of creative process by Bianca Stone.



Throughout the issue, the themes of intimacy and anonymity are explored through photography, drawing, painting, and conceptual projects.




For more images, check out the Secret Behavior Tumblr here (NSFW, depending on where you work), or buy the first issue online here.