by Anette Blaesbjerg Orom and Eske K. Mathiesen


The always beautifully curated shop Ashes and Milk has just added some new products to their collection. Two of these are limited edition artist books of a collaboration of Danish textile artist Anette Blaesbjerg Orom and poet Eske K. Mathiesen. In this small book Souvenir, Eske’s words are printed opposite Anette’s gorgeous weavings. I remember seeing Anette’s tapestries for sale on Ashes and Milk and thinking one day when I have a real home, this would be something I would love to hang. Unfortunately now not only is my wall space limited, but my budget too small. Thankfully this book is another nice way to appreciate her work. In these pieces I look for the imperfections in the patterns, the spots that bulge a little or have escaping tiny threads. These are the things that remind my fingers how nice it might feel like to touch the surface of one of these. I will post the second book later. But for now you can purchase a copy of this one here. Thanks Nikko!



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