The Where, the Why and the How and a note about this blog

Hi Friends,
Last night a friend asked me about this blog and whether I will continue it since I haven’t posted for so long. The truth is that I don’t know. I really want to but I can’t find the time to do it. I’ve considered getting an intern… but it’s a little bit hard when you work from home to have someone sitting in your kitchen. I’ve also thought about changing the site to have more user-generated content (books reviews with images that readers submit and I would approve the good ones which get automatically posted). I also thought maybe just a twitter feed with one image on the best books would be enough. If you have any ideas or preference please leave a comment.

Just because I haven’t been writing about all the great books out there, doesn’t mean I haven’t been coveting them. Thanks so much for continuing to send your work and recommending good finds. But until I start this blog up again, you might want to hold off on sending me anything too precious. This weekend is the NY Art Book Fair that is worth a trip to PS1 to check out.

I have continued to make books as well and wanted to at least mention our newest here. My ALSO partners and I are about to release a book we worked on with Chronicle Books called The Where, the Why and the How: 75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science. The book has 75 essays by real working scientists (physicists, anthropologists, psychologists, meteorologists, doctors…) who explore unproven questions in science. They explain the theories behind mysteries like: What came before the big bang? Why do we blush? Can cells talk to each other? What is dark matter? Why do pigeons bob their heads when they walk? and also sorts of other interesting questions about our universe, the Earth, animals and humans. Then we gave those essays to illustrators, fine artists, designers and cartoonists to create their own visual representation of the answer. We are so excited by the outcome — fascinating text and gorgeous artwork. We are so thankful to all the scientists and artists who contributed to the project. Next week well officially launch the book with a video trailer but I wanted to give you a little peek here first.

We are having a book launch party on October 11th and we hope you can make it. There will 6 talks by 3 artists and 3 scientists. Jennifer Daniel, Matt Leines and Josh Cochran will talk about their current illustration, design and artwork. Meehan Crist will talk about her research on traumatic brain injuries. My sister Jessica Rothman (!!!) will talk about what she’s discovered studying primates in Uganda, and Tim Requarth will discuss his research on the brains of electric fish.

I attached the invite below and the preview of the book underneath:


Artwork below by Dan Funderburgh (endpages), Camilla Engman, Aaron Meshon, James Ulmer, Gilbert Ford, Jon Klassen, John Hendrix and Lauren Nassef:


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