by Rob Ryan

This is for You

All of the illustrations in this book by artist Rob Ryan are paper cut-outs. Even the text which is integrated into the pictures is cut out from paper. Each page is cut from a single sheet of colored paper- so it’s not like all these separate pieces- but one whole connected piece. It’s pretty amazing. This book is sort of a narrative but almost poetry about a lonely boy in the world and how he deals with it. But each page in this book could also stand alone. The cut-outs are photographed nicely on a white background so that in some places you can see the shadow peeping. I love the way the text becomes part of the design. It has to all connect so sometimes the words will have to be underlined which adds a nice patterned feeling. If you check out Rob’s website here you can see that he’s done a lot of commercial work too- from textile designs for clothes to covers of magazines. Don’t miss the paper cut-out dress he did for Vogue UK or the Liberty Christmas windows. I want one of the bags he did for Paul Smith-very cute. Rob also has a blog and an etsy shop where you can buy silkscreens and ceramic tiles of some of his designs. Pick up a copy of this book here.



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