by Joanna Neborsky

Three Line Novels

Artist Joanna Neborsky was very inspired by Luc Sante’s English translation of Fénéon’s faits-divers (brief news stories) published as the book Novels in Three Lines. She decided to select 28 of them and bring them to life by illustrating them. Using a mix of collage and drawing and painting, each is more funny and cleverly illustrated than the next. Her retro style feels like it could have existed back when these were written in the early 1900s. She uses all kinds of materials to make her marks from thin black ink to messy crayon. She collages old photos of people for character’s heads or a textile to represent a tablecloth. All this fun craziness is set against pure white backgrounds so it’s well balanced and gives your eyes an absolute focus. She also uses a variety of type to form the sentences which play in the open space. Paging through the book you can feel that Joanna really had a blast making these images and as a reader are invited along to join the festivity too. Get a copy here.


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