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Tim Biskup-American Cyclops

Welcome guest blogger Dave Cuzner of one of my favorite blogs grain edit! Dave and I have been talking about doing an exchange of guest blogging for a while now. I’m so happy Dave got his favorites together (I’ve been a slow on my end) because as you’ll see throughout the week, he’s sharing some rare treasures. And if you haven’t checked out grain edit yet be sure to do so because Dave is always posting about the coolest design work especially from the fifties and sixties. Click the link above to read more on Dave. Thanks Dave!

Let me start off by saying, This book is big! Small children could hide in this thing. It’s nice to see Tim’s work on a slightly larger scale then I’m used to. I haven’t been able to see his work in person yet, so this is big as it gets for me. The wonderful selection of paintings contained inside this book are from an exhibition he produced for the Iguapop Gallery in Spain. In addition to his paintings, I really like his lettering. I dig all those stylized serifs that look like little tree trunks. Speaking of his serifs, I heard House Industries is releasing a collection of typefaces based on his lettering.

Getting back to the book, the pages inside the cover are filled with peach colored images of muskets, ribbons with hand grenades and Uzis shooting black roses at giant black axes. While this is going on, a steamboat merrily chugs through. The peach color reminds me of the ink they use on blacklite posters. I thought for a second, the pages might glow in the dark, so I turned off the lights. No luck though.

If you’re a Tim Biskup fan this is a great book to add to the collection. You should be able to find a copy here.



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