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Wondering Around Wandering



This Friday, artist/illustrator/designer (or as I’ve heard him call himself – “maker”) Mike Perry will be hosting and participating in another Nudes exhibition along with artists Josh Cochran, Jing Wei, Damien Correll and our own BBIC writer Ana Benaroya!! This past weekend they invited people to come pose for them naked so they could do a large series of drawings. The show at the end of this week is a showcase of those drawings all made last Saturday and Sunday. I’ve been to two other versions of this project with different artists and they’ve always produced incredible results. A range of materials from flourescent paper to sumi ink are used and the mark-making has quite a lot of variation. You’ll see smears that make a human form, some rendered drawings, collaged elements and lots of imperfect line drawings. The artists tend to experiment more than they could for their client work and the results are often surprising- much looser than what you normally expect from them. They sell all of the drawings for very cheap and guests scramble to buy their favorites. I’m really looking forward to seeing this new set and adding to my collection.



Mike Perry is a big organizer and I’ve written about his collaborative book projects before here and here and here.  Aside from curating, I have always been impressed by Mike’s own work, but even more in awe of how much of it he does. Being able to work fast has made him seriously prolific. From illustrations to licensing patterns to just straight up making art, he is always producing so much volume. His style is so consistent that no matter what the medium, you can always tell it’s his creation.



This monograph collects his best work to date, from sculptures and installations to pattern designs and graphics. There are paintings, silkscreens, lettering experiments and even quick sketches. Small inserts run throughout the book, a nod to his zine projects. The best part is that Mike has added a personal tidbit, just one or two sentences, about each piece in the book underneath the title and credits. It’s just a glimpse into what he was thinking at the time, his inspiration or a little story that references the artwork. I loved reading these and seeing just a tiny bit of his thought process.

Make sure to check out the Nudes 3 show if you’re in New York. If not, you can always pick up this book right here.





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