by Jess Rosenkranz

30 White Roosters

I searched through my books for a Thanksgiving appropriate post today. And although I didn’t find a turkey book, I did find one of my favorites 30 White Roosters by BBIC writer Jess Rosenkranz. I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed this book here yet! It’s a teeny tiny book, the longer side just short of two inches. All completely handmade- handsewn, silkscreened cover and adorable endpages, and handpainted(!!!) on the interior. She made an edition of 175! Can you image painstakingly painting watercolor into each tiny illustration- that’s Jess! It’s a clever little tale about what happens when you order chicks in the mail and they grow up to be roosters. And sorry, but yes, there is an illustration of a delicious chicken dinner that I used on the homepage- obviously Jess’s quirky humor is apparent in this book. Hopefully Jess still has some of these incredible tiny books which you would be able to purchase from her site here (for only $14!).

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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