by Abbey Hendrickson

Abbey Hendrickson Zines (+ vacation until the 13th)

Tomorrow I fly to cool and breezy San Francisco for the rest of the week. Caitlin Keegan and I are having a show at Rare Device- which you should definitely check out if you are in the area- the opening is Thursday night. I will be taking a short vacation from the blog as well- so no posts for the rest of this week. But I’ll be back the 13th and have a new set of artists lined up for the sketchbook series I can’t wait to share.

Before I go I had to share these gorgeous handmade zines by Abbey Hendrickson. Abbey should be familiar, if not from her blog, then because I interviewed her a while back about her book The Birdfeeder. This time in a hand-stitched and decorated envelope, she sent over three zines- each editions of 100. She wrote “I’ve been making these 1 hour zines as a jumping off point for my much larger mixed-media drawings.” They each have such a handmade feel even though they are mostly made with her xeroxed drawings. She has cut interesting shapes out the paper, punched holes for text to show through, hand colored portions or used a typewriter to print words. Some of the paper has been tea-stained (coffee-stained?) giving it a nice brown color and crinkly texture. I also love her variety of papers- lined, graph, manilla envelope, and colored. The zines are a pleasure to hold, feeling the different textures of paper, unfolding the pages which each make a long panorama and reading the short sentences of writing mixed into the compositions here and there. These zines are each hand-sewn too! I have a hard time believing these are “1 hour” projects. Some of these zines are for sale at Rare Device and they will also be available soon from Abbey’s etsy shop right here. Thanks Abbey!
(Titles of these zines in order of appearance in photos below are Me Plus Papercuts, Your Silence, Richard Frances Ida Green and Josephine.)

And see you all soon!


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