by Katriona Chapman, Masha Solon


This book started as a personal project for illustrator Katriona Chapman when her friend and colleague, Masha Solon gave her a short story she’s written. She decided to illustrate it just for fun. Eventually as the project progressed, they decided to partner up and create a special handmade book. They have created only 200 of these copies, each saddle-stitched and trimmed by hand. The story is about a young woman whose fingers grew into trees with birds who go soaring around the world. It’s very poetic and the lovely textured drawings help add to the mood the story creates. Apparently each of these illustrations took approximately a full work week- 40 hours to create. Katriona and Masha have documented a lot of the tedious process for making the beautiful book on a blog here. And you can pre-order a signed copy from the site as well. Thanks Katriona for sharing!


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