by Anushka Ravishankar and Various Artists

I like Cats

My whole childhood I was a cat person. I grew up with cats as pets and loved having one snuggle in my lap. I often would stop in the street to pet a neighborhood cats. Now that we have Rudy, my love, I’ve switched over completely to being obsessed with dogs. Matt, my husband, calls me the “dog laugher” (like the dog whisperer) because I smile and talk to every dog we pass on the street. He’s sometimes gets embarrassed when I drift away mid-conversation to talk in a high voice to a passing dog. The owners understand– I tell him. Anyway, I do still have a soft spot for cats too, which is why I am quite fond of this book. It’s a book of feline art by tribal and folk artists of India. Like many of Tara Publishing’s books (they can do no wrong!), this book is all hand silk-screened and is part of a small edition. Pick up a copy for the cat lover in you right here.


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