by Lena Sjöberg


One of the reasons it was impossible not to continue this site, was because I was continuing to get incredible books sent to me from afar. One day I was stressed about an overdue assignment, cursing my computers slowness when I got a buzz at my door which lead to a lot of barking. After hushing my dog and galloping down three flights in basically pajamas and dirty hair, I find the most beautiful hand-lettered package addressed to me with stamps and marks from Sweden. Lena Sjoberg has been one of the many artists who has been sending me her books over the years and bringing surprise happiness to my rather dull workdays.



Lena creates illustrations for a variety of projects, but most notably she has written and illustrated a big handful of children’s books and also published her own books. Her fancy lettering only adds more character to her already charming artwork.



This book was produced by her own publishing her house. Even it’s it’s small size it’s a very striking hardcover. The text is all in Swedish, so someone will have to describe the story better to us in the comments. But I am happy with Lena’s description of it being an illustrated book for grown-ups about “broken dreams and small town life.” Sigh. ingamaj_8


You can order a copy from Lena right here for only $14.


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