by Alex Fuller and Gabe Usadel

Levels and Degrees of Light

The third installment of Alex Fuller and Gabe Usadel‘s 5×7 Books is another beauty. At first glance this book didn’t really strike me as deeply as the first two but once I got it in my hands the book grabbed me by the eyelids and drug me deep into a forest of obscure compositions and hairline strokes. A majority of my time looking through this book was spent less than 2 inches away from the page. The gold foil stamped cover, rich green interior and milky paper stock really makes for some warm sensations both mentally and physically which flipping through. With much looser compositions than there previous releases, looking more like the silhouette of stacked cut paper than gridded out geometry, and what seems to me an experiment in negative space as positive shapes, Levels and Degrees of Light is a delightfully unexpected new release from the Chicago experimental design duo. All I’m waiting for is a little collab with these dudes and some obscure experimental music duo. Talk about a mind blow. The book is on sale until Friday right here.


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