by Martine Workman

The Methow Mill


The Methow Mill is perfect for when you want a snack-sized reading experience.

Artist Martine Workman produced this boxed set of twelve 3″ x 4.5″ DIY newspapers while in residence at TwispWorks, in the Methow Valley of Central Washington. And it is HILARIOUS. Each issue is a perfect little bon-bon of amazing inked text and line drawings. Part sweet, part salty, a little dark and crunchy, and you’ll learn something as well. One issue concerns the life and inevitable death of spawning salmon:



Another explores the convergence of taxidermy and groceries in the local store owned by Hank, an avid big game hunter:



Another is a tribute to the tradition of community-based independent publishing in the greater Methow Valley area:

“The Nose” Newsletter was published quarterly and distributed through the local bakery and a subscription service. Each issue featured articles covering local, national, and human interest topics, art by children and adults, poetry, letters to the editor, and a “Not Too Shabby” advice column.


My favorite article in her tribute to The Nose is True Confessions of an Electricity Addict, a detailed inventory of everything in the author’s home which uses electricity.


And then there’s this issue, a commemoration of the opening of hunting season:


Size isn’t everything my friends. Pick up a copy of the complete set through Martine’s shop here and learn more about her work in general on her portfolio site here.