by Gwen Frostic

My Michigan

While visiting San Francisco I had to check out all of the adorable shops in the Mission. One of my favorites was The Curiosity Shoppe which had so many unique products I have never seen anywhere else (wooden bricks, apple sweaters, talking paintings) One of the owners of the store is also an editor at Readymade magazine. Here’s some pictures from the shop. They also have a small selection of interesting books. That’s where I got this one. Originally published in 1957, this book is illustrated with Gwen Frostic’s gorgeous woodblock prints in multiple colors. The paper they are printed on is thick and rough giving the flat color areas of her prints a lot of texture. Also the paper edges have been left rough making this book feel even more like a little handmade treasure. The text that the illustrations accompany is a poem all about the greatness that Michigan has to offer- it’s flowers, bridges, factories, churches, trees. Gwen has produced a number of books like this one and her work is sold as prints and on a number of products which you can check out here. Pick up a copy of this book here.



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