michigan My Michigan
by Gwen Frostic
talvi2 Talvi/Winter
by Hanna Konola
abbey Abbey Hendrickson Zines (+ vacation until the 13th)
by Abbey Hendrickson
Captain Cavity Cereal-Space Junk 2
by Andrew Neyer
Sweet Ride
by Christopher Koelle
trees The Night Life of Trees
by Bhajju Shyam, Durga Bai, Ram Singh Urveti
1026.jpg Hello God are you there? It’s me Space 1026
by Space 1026 Collective
ajw Art is a smile that gives you a hug
by Andrew Jeffery Wright
tech Consider Everything in Badshape
by Mark Price
andy Spiller#2
by Andy Rementer
tim0 Cut and Paste
by Tim Gough
ethan Piles of Rocks and Good News Folks
by Ethan Hayes-Chute
spirits Some Deathly Spirits I Have Known
by Katy Horan
beer5 Beer
by Joe McLaren
mattl Matt Leines Sketchbook Zine
by Cantab Publishing
chin The China Notebooks + An Interview with Henrik Drescher
dancers Dancers
by Henrik Drescher
500 I would walk 500 miles
by Antje Herzog
pow Proof of Winter
by Anna Laitinen
zanis Male Friends
by Liz Zanis
ang Di Tutte Le Radici Di Tutte L’Erbe E DI Tutti I Frutti
by Edizioni Almenodue
mel Rough Cookie
by Mel Kadel
dear Oh Dear
by Julia Pott
joem British Folk Customs
by Joe McLaren