by Llew Mejia



I was one of the lucky few to get my hands on SUPR NATR, a sold out zine by Llew Mejia. This two color risograph hand-made zine is full of sumptuous detail and other-worldly splendor. SUPR NATR explores different occult myths as well as natural phenomena in a very modern way.

Although the subject matter is other-worldly, the texts that accompany each image are very dry and encyclopedic. Somehow, this helps with the believability of the zine. Even though I am completely aware that none of these myths exist in real life, the textbook like descriptions make me suspend belief for just a second.



Llew is an incredible draftsman with a uniquely surreal way of drawing. Every detail of this zine was considered; it begs to be a longer format book, in my opinion. SUPR NATR gives just a small taste of the world that Llew created. I found that after reading it, as I went through the rest of my day, I would try imagine the world around me as if Llew drew it. It’s rare that something so short can be so immersive.

Even though this zine is no longer available, definitely take the time to look through Llew’s work and keep an eye out for any future publications he’s involved in.