by Sing Statistics

WE Are the Friction

Sing Statistics (Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart) have done it again! (see an interview with them about their last project here.) This time they paired up 12 illustrators and 12 writers to produce work inspired by each other. Each illustrator made a piece of artwork and their writer partner created a story based on the image. Then each writer wrote a story and the illustrator made artwork to accompany it. A little creative game! Illustration is almost always made to accompany a pre-existing article. I was so intrigued to find out what would happen the opposite way. I wonder if it was harder or easier for the writers when they had a piece of art to base it on and same for the artists. Some of the fantastic artists who participated are Ray Fenwick, Nigel Peake , Jon Klassen, Frank Chimero and Lizzy Stewart (of course). Even if you’re too busy to read all the stories, like me this week, sadly, you can still enjoy the beautiful paintings and drawings. And I love the ode to Feltron on the cover. Get a copy right here.


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