Cherry Bombe

Cherry Bombe is an independent, biannual magazine that celebrates women and food. It was created by Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu, who were once colleagues at Harper’s Bazaar. Diamond also opened two restaurants and a coffee shop in Brooklyn (Seersucker, Nightingale 9, and Smith Canteen) with her boyfriend, who is a chef. Wu runs the design firm Orphan, and previously founded Me Magazine.


The first issue of Cherry Bombe was funded using Kickstarter in May 2013, but I was able to pick up the second issue on the newsstand at Barnes and Noble. The magazine is beautifully designed and photographed and the heavy matte paper stock and minimal, unobtrusive advertising make the volume feel more like a book. Interestingly, the editors have made a point to say that none of the content will be available online. This is a magazine meant to be consumed (sorry) in its physical form.

The editors obviously love the subject and have found a lot of different angles through which to explore the theme of women and food. What makes the magazine most engaging is the varied list of artists, writers, and filmmakers who have contributed. Cherry Bombe is for anyone interested in food as it relates to art, culture, and style.





The theme of Issue #2 is Baking. Some highlights for me were:

- NYC designers share their favorite coffee shops and milk/sugar combinations, complete with Pantone chip reference.

- Interviews with the owners of Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Babycakes, including recipes from each.

- Leanne Shapton’s illustrated guide to buttercream flower designs.

- The handy index of all restaurants mentioned (even if just a passing reference), each listed by region in the back of the magazine.

You can pick up Cherry Bombe at nicer newsstands or order it online here.


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