by Sina Najafi

Curiosity and Method: Ten Years of Cabinet Magazine

I had been saving some of my old Cabinet magazine issues for years, figuring I’d want to come back to them at some point. With dwindling shelf space, I have to really appreciate something to want to keep it around. Similar in style to some of my favorite radio shows, the quarterly presents a range of interesting stories, essays and interviews on a theme. In print though, there is the added benefit of visuals, which they do a great job curating.

cabinet_01 cabinet_1cabinet_3cabinet_2

Covering all kinds of topics, from science to history and lots of art, I always found myself entertaining others recalling the interesting things I learned from reading something in their pages. So you can imagine how excited I was that now they have put out a “best of” book of the first 40 issues, or ten years of magazines, plus some extra new essays. It’s a nice massive collection in a solid-looking cloth-bound covering. cabinet_4 cabinet_5 cabinet_6 cabinet_7 cabinet_8


This is my new go-to gift for the nerdy and curious! You should get yourself a copy here and learn some stuff.