by Hyperbole Police Writing Collective

Here & Noun

I don’t usually like to post about collections of writing of this sort but this one was too pretty not to share. The thick cardboard cover is silkscreened with some beautifully drawn roosters. They call this Canadian publication Here & Noun a “magazine” and this is the second issue. It’s mostly fiction stories- none of which I’ve read just yet (who has the time these days? ). Between the stories is artwork by all different artists. There is also one longer comic in the middle. A cd also comes in the back with 13 songs from all different bands. I’m listening to it right now as I type- so far it’s good. All the songs sound very homemade. I especially like #3 which is Field and Stream. You find out more about this publication here and even learn about submitting your own writing and illustrations.

Also seeing a link to this crazy site on their blog, I wanted to open up the discussion on magazines. How many of you are so sad to see everything folding and how many of you are welcoming the paperless future? You would think I’d be on the super sad side since I am an obsessive book collector but glossy magazines are a different species to me (today’s “magazine” I consider a totally different genre). A small part of me is actually excited that I am living through a period of drastic change in media. Can you imagine what it will say about our time in fourth grade history textbooks digital textbooks in the future? 2000-2020 The Digital Revolution: The End of Paper. I think it will be ok for books and fancy limited publications. They will just become that much more precious. Thoughts?


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