by Lena Corwin and Maria Vettese

Lines & Shapes

When I saw that this new book was the child of amazing textile designer Lena Corwin and port2port press’s letterpress extrodinaire, Maria Vettese I ordered not just the first copy- but a subscription- so I could get an issue six times a year. (Since I was one of the first forty subscribers I got a cute little tote too.) Each issue has it’s own theme and a curated group of artists are asked to contribute work that centers around that theme- this time it’s circles. So while Karen Gelardi contributed photos of her “seeds”- hand-sewn ball shaped objects covered in her own silkscreened fabrics, Jennifer Causey’s pages are filled with photographs of dirty teacups and plates. Only four other artists besides Lena and Maria are featured but I am intrigued by their choices- Christopher David Ryan- whose book I posted about here and Caitlin Mociun, who makes the most incredible patterns- I was practically drooling the first time I saw this design- are the other two artists in the issue. So on a whole it’s an interesting range of artists you might not normally see showing work together. You can learn more about it and buy a copy right here.
lines & Shapeslines5


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