by Lena Corwin and Maria Vettese

Lines & Shapes Volume Two

The second issue of Lines and Shapes is out and includes two designers who have been really inspiring to me- Meg Mateo Ilasco and Stephanie Waddell. I recently shared a meal with Meg when she was in town for Stationery Show. She tried to convince me I had a really strong accent and I tried to convince her I was just drunk. I think her work is pretty genius- I mean have you seen her new mathematical stationery that shows you odd, even, prime and composite numbers (scroll down to see a pic)? She also wrote this helpful book I posted about a while ago. The theme of this issue is blocks and Meg shares some photos of a gorgeous block sculpture she made (image on homepage). And Stephanie prints her beautiful nature inspired designs on silk and has a whole range of products she sells under the name Agnes & Hoss. I once heard her speak about her work and running her own business at a design*sponge biz ladies meet-up in Chicago when I happened to be in town. I am so impressed with her work and that she’s figured out all aspects of running a business on her own. She has some really delicate ink and watercolor(?) drawings in this issue. Other artists and photographers included are Jim Green, Maditi, and Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell. Also you get to see a glimpse of Lena Corwin and Maria Vettese‘s making of this issue through small layout sketches and photos of their days. Get your copy here.



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