Magazine Appreciation Week: It’s Nice That

As magazine after magazine folds, RIP, I have been noticing a new crop of smaller press magazines thriving. This week I wanted to show my appreciation for all the independent magazines out there who are sharing amazing content on paper and giving us a subscription we look forward to receiving.

Many magazines are closing shop and becoming blogs. But this magazine actually is a publication that came out of a blog. It’s Nice That, the blog, works hard to curate and showcase the best creative work out there. Every day they post a handful of awesome stuff, from music videos to designer’s portfolios to cool places to go. The publication documents the best stuff from the blog in printed form, giving you more insights into the work with interviews and features. Plus it’s ad free! The issue I am sharing is the most recent one and because I pre-ordered mine it came with a Rob Ryan silkscreen tucked into the front cover- wow! Here you can learn more about the blog and magazine and get a copy for yourself here.


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