Magazine Appreciation Week: Uppercase

As magazine after magazine folds, RIP, I have been noticing a new crop of smaller press magazines thriving. This week I wanted to show my appreciation for all the independent magazines out there who are sharing amazing content on paper and giving us a subscription we look forward to receiving.

Uppercase magazine recently became a BBIC sponsor and with that I received the latest issue complimentary. I never knew what I was missing! After reading the whole thing cover to cover and enjoying it so much, I ordered a subscription. It is definitely an ideal magazine for creatives who love reading about beautiful objects, interviews with artists and interesting places to visit. For example this latest issue has an interview with Best Made (a company who makes gorgeous axes), has a awesome spread of antique beer cans, and shared the results of a project where they asked readers to makeover their favorite song into a classic album cover design. Plus the magazine is really well designed with nice typography and layouts. Uppercase also publishes books and puts on art shows. Check out more here.


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