by McSweeney's

McSweeneys 27

I haven’t really mentioned McSweeney’s quarterly on this blog before because I figure if you read this blog, most likely you know what McSweeney’s is and probably even have your own subscription. But in the rare case that you somehow haven’t seen McSweeney’s until now, this is an issue you don’t want to miss. Inside a cardboard case, with a city scene printed on it and die-cut rectangle for windows, comes three separate books. The first contains a great cover wrap illustration by Scott Teplin. Inside has six fiction stories- I’ve only read the first one so far which was great (I can’t wait to read the new Stephen King one). The two other books are of pure art- which is rare for McSweeney’s. One is a book titled Lots of Things Like This and was made to accompany a show at apexart that exhibited drawings and paintings with three criteria: “1. An image, 2. Text (usually referring to the image), 3. Humor.” Included in this book are works from David Shrigley, William Steig, Henry Darger, Raymond Pettibon, Shel Silverstein, musician Leonard Cohen, musician David Berman(Silver Jews), Chris Johanson, Maira Kalman and a bunch more artists. Each drawing makes you smile or chuckle a bit. The third book is an un-released Art Spiegelman sketchbook titled Auto-phobia which is full to the brim with Spiegelman’s energetic ink drawings. Spiegelman says in the intro about publishing his sketchbook, “Since cartoonists are supposed to work for publication, I figured I would complete my private gesture by shaming myself in public.” You can get a copy of this issue right here or subscribe to McSweeneys and receive a new always well-designed collection of writing and art every month here.


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