by Rosebud, Inc.

+Rosebud No.5

+rosebud is a German based design magazine that a real mix of writing, art and photography. Each issue has a theme- this one being Mystery- and a unique book design. I just found out about it while visiting one of my favorite neighborhood shops- Rare Device where it was sitting on the shelf. I loved the gold embossed cover immediately and while flipping through I noticed a couple of loose things had been placed between the pages- that’s when I knew I had to have it. It really gets better and better the more time I look at it. It’s really thick and there is a lot to look through with a few pages for each artist. I really like Jeffery Lin’s Modern Nursery Rhymes. He hung different toilet seat covers-the paper kind- from hangers and photographed them. He put funny comments underneath them. I also love Picture Kleptomania by Lorenzo Petrantoni which is images made from dingbats and clipart. They are really intense when you look up close. I am definitely going to check out past issues of +rosebud now which you can get here. Also it seems issue 6 just came out which you can learn more about here. A lot more images from the inside of this book are avaible for your viewing here-just go to back issues. Only 4000 of each issue is made.



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