I admit I have not been watching the World Cup at all. I hear updates from everyone around me and gross bite mark photos fill my twitter feed. That feels like enough for me. I’m not a sports fan of any kind, yet I am in love with this oversize, gorgeous publication that was sent my way.


Victory is a fitting name, as they have achieved it. These pages are perfection – flawless printing on thick matte paper, giant full-spread photography, colorful contemporary illustration and good, clean typography on every page. I hardly mind that it’s all about sporty stuff with photo essays about body-builders, horse races, and even a rated R (2 boobs) swimsuit section. The size of this journal makes it feel special and gives the photography the scale it deserves especially when it’s images of huge cheering crowds, bloody-mouthed wrestlers and naive colored pencil drawings of basketball players.


Again, I’m admitting: I’m not going to read the few articles at all. But I could look at these photos all day. Learn more right here.