by Alvin Sellens

Dictionary of American hand Tools

In doing research for a project, I came across this amazing Dictionary of American Hand Tools. It’s a picture dictionary of over 4500 hand tools, nearly ever hand tool that’s ever existed from ancient times until now. The tools are listed in alphabetical order with drawings and descriptions. There’s also a list of trades that the tools are used for. Some of the tools are so fascinating. There are knives for everything (oil cloth knife, oyster knife, net maker’s knife, paper hangers’ knife, grape knife) shaped and bent every which way. The tools, these are all non-electric, use cranks and levers, springs and simple mechanics. The way all of the drawings are arranged on the page reminds me of Blackstone’s Collection and I feel inspired to make patterns of all of the varieties. That’s for another day, sigh. You can pick up a copy of this book here


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