by Ginette Mathiot

I Know How To Cook

I fell in love with this book when I saw it at the store and immediately went home to order it. Not only is it a cooking bible (apparently it’s the French’s equivalent to How To Cook Everything which I use all the time) but the illustrations and design are immaculate. It has great clean typography throughout, beautiful images of select dishes and incredibly fun illustrations by Blexbolex- whose recent book I featured here. When my book came in the mail it had this gigantic ugly yellow sticker on it. And since I had bought the book mostly because of the illustrations there was no question that this sticker had to be removed. Well, I ruined my cover wrap trying to get it off. Usually they put those very easy peel stickers on books. I assumed that’s what this was, but oh no, half the paper ripped as I pulled it up. So I tried to stick it back down and that didn’t work either. So how I have an awful half ripped cover- which kills me! I almost want a new copy (hint hint Phaidon) because it bothers me so much. The cover wrap opens up into a large poster sized drawing. The illustrated chapter openers that stretch a full spread are my favorite part. But then throughout the book are playful spot illustrations which correspond to the recipes. I haven’t cooked anything from the book yet. I’m not even sure I want to keep this book with my other cookbooks or secure a nice place for it on my art book shelves. Get a copy of the book here- but if it has a sticker on it- don’t mess with it!


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